Thursday, 27 February 2014

Watsons Customized Candy/Corporate Lollies...

LollyTalk have many successful cases of clients making full used of our customisation service to customise lollies for their roadshow as giveaways.

Watsons is one of the many good examples we have being our customer using customised candy as giveaways. Beside having customised candy, they also used a personalised sticker label that clearly reinforce their brand identity when the lollies are given out.

These lollies are made in different batches of "W" "O" "W" and later mix together to form a Watson-WOW mix. Each packet (we call them super mini pack) consist of 5 pieces, an ideal size as a giveaway. Just enough lolly for a person every time he/she opens a pack.
For more information how to go about ordering your customised candy, do visit our website and drop us an email!!!

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